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Dear investors check out here Marco Cables & Conductors IPO GMP Today. We regularly update Grey Market Premium Today About all IPO. Marco Cables & Conductors IPO GMP today is ₹10.

Dear Investor Marco Cables & Conductors IPO opens on 21 September and closes on 25 September 2023, Price of ₹36 per share. Master Components IPO total issue size is 18.73 Cr.

Marco Cables & Conductors Limited Company Details

Established in 1989, Marco Cables & Conductors Limited specializes in the manufacture and sale of wires, cable wires, and conductors within India.

Their product range includes:



  1. LT Aerial Bunched Cables: These are designed for overhead Power Distribution, offering enhanced safety and reliability, reduced power losses, and cost-effectiveness through minimized installation, maintenance, and operational expenses. They are particularly well-suited for challenging terrains such as hilly, forested, and coastal areas.
  2. LT PVC Cables.
  3. AAAC Conductor: Crafted from a high electrical conductivity aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy containing magnesium (0.6-0.9%) and silicon (0.5-0.9%), this conductor boasts improved mechanical properties after treatment.
  4. LT XLPE Cables: Manufactured with CU/AI Conductor featuring XLPE Insulation, Laid up, Inner Taped/Extruded, and galvanized mild steel wires/strips for armoring. The outer sheath is made of high-grade PVC, all in accordance with relevant IS specifications.
  5. ACSR Conductors: Comprising a solid or stranded steel core encircled by aluminum strands (E.C. GRADE), ACSR Conductors are available in various steel compositions, containing carbon ranging from 0.5% to 0.85%. These conductors possess high Tensile Strength, making them suitable for applications such as river crossings, overhead ground wires, and installations with extra-long spans.

Marco Cables & Conductors’ manufacturing facility is situated in Nasik, Maharashtra, with a combined installed production capacity of 18,000 kilometers per annum as of August 7, 2023.

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Marco Cables & Conductors IPO GMP Today

Date GMP Subject to Estimated Listing Price
24 September ₹10 ₹22800 ₹46 (27.78%)
23 September ₹10 ₹22800 ₹46 (27.78%)
22 September ₹10 ₹22800 ₹46 (27.78%)
21 September ₹8 ₹18200 ₹44 (22.22%)

Marco Cables & Conductors IPO GMP FAQs

  1. What is Marco Cables & Conductors IPO GMP Today?

    The Marco Cables & Conductors IPO GMP aka Grey Market Premium is ₹₹10.

  2. What are Marco Cables & Conductors IPO Kostak Rates Today?

    The Marco Cables & Conductors IPO Kostak Rate is .

  3. What is Marco Cables & Conductors IPO Subject to Sauda Price Today?

    The Marco Cables & Conductors IPO subject to sauda price is ₹22800.

  4. Marco Cables & Conductors IPO Expected Returns?

    The Marco Cables & Conductors’s expected return is ₹46 (27.78%) Per share.

  5. Who is the owner of Marco Cables & Conductors?

     SUMIT SUGNOMAL KUKREJA and SUGNOMAL MANGANDAS KUKREJA Director of Marco Cables & Conductors ltd.

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