Ayodhya Ram Mandir Security Services: This company got the responsibility of security of Ram temple complex, rockets shared



NSE: SIS – As of today, SIS Limited’s share has reached a daily high of ₹564.55, while the daily low stands at ₹477. The stock’s performance over the past 52 weeks indicates that it hit a high of ₹564.55 and a low of ₹318.95 during this period. These figures provide insight into the stock’s recent fluctuations and its broader performance in the market over the past year.
Ayodhya Ram Mandir Security Services
Ayodhya Ram Mandir Security Services

SIS Limited Secures Responsibility for Ram Temple Complex Security

The highly anticipated consecration of the newly constructed Ram Temple in Ayodhya is set to take place, bringing attention to the crucial role of security services in safeguarding the iconic site. SIS Limited, a renowned security, facility management, and cash logistics company has been entrusted with the responsibility of securing the entire Ram Temple complex. The announcement has triggered a substantial surge in the company’s stock value.

Share Price Skyrockets on Temple Security Contract

SIS Limited’s shares experienced a significant boost in the stock market following the news of its security role in the Ram Temple complex. On the previous trading day, the company’s shares on BSE surged past Rs 560, marking a 52-week high.

SIS Limited: Securing the Ram Temple Complex

As per the official statement from SIS Limited, the Ram Mandir Trust in Ayodhya has officially appointed SIS as the private security provider for the temple complex. The company’s personnel have been on-site since May 2022, although a formal announcement is pending.

Incorporating Advanced Technology for Enhanced Security

In a departure from traditional security practices, SIS plans to utilize cutting-edge technology for the protection of the temple complex. This includes the deployment of body cameras for crowd management personnel and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) for CCTV video analytics. SIS’s sister company, StaqU, has played a role in incorporating AI into video analytics. Additionally, MTrainer vans have been deployed for customized training, and information can be accessed through the MySIS app.



SIS Managing Director’s Perspective

Rituraj Sinha, the Managing Director of SIS Limited, expresses immense honor in securing the responsibility for the Ram Temple’s security. He emphasizes the dedication of the SIS team to uphold the highest standards of security, ensuring the safety and sanctity of this culturally significant site. This occasion solidifies SIS’s commitment to providing top-notch security services and marks a pivotal milestone in its mission to protect important cultural and religious institutions.

Company Overview: SIS Limited

SIS Limited, an Indian company with a global presence, boasts a net worth of $1.4 billion. With over 2,85,000 employees, SIS stands as one of the top 10 private sector employers in the country, operating in more than 650 offices across 400 districts. Notably, it is Australia’s largest security solutions company.

Stock Market Soars to 52-Week High

Despite it being a Saturday, both BSE and NSE operated due to special reasons. SIS Limited’s shares opened at Rs 484.05 on the BSE and closed at Rs 475.05. During the trading session, the shares reached Rs 560, marking a 52-week high and underlining the positive market response to the company’s involvement in securing the Ram Temple complex.

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