Keep an eye on this multi-bagger stock, it has given a 586% return in three years, buy now, and you will regret it later. 



Keep an eye on this multi-bagger stock, it has given a 586% return in three years, buy now, and you will regret it later. 

Everyone wants to make profits from stock markets and is always looking for stocks that can add to their portfolio. Today we will tell you about such shares which will make you rich. 

Good to buy Genus Power Infra

If you are also looking for such a stock then you can keep an eye on Genus Power Infra. This stock has increased by +145.95 (164.82%) in the last 1 year and this stock has increased by +206.25 (730.09%) in the last 5 years.

Genus Power Infrastructures Limited, an Indian company, focuses primarily on the manufacturing and provision of metering solutions. Additionally, the company undertakes turnkey engineering, construction, and contract projects. Its operations are divided into two segments: the Metering business and Strategic Investment activity.



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About Genus Power Infra Ltd

Keep an eye on this multi-bagger stock, it has given a 586% return in three years, buy now, and you will regret it later. 

Genus Power Infrastructures Limited: Driving Innovation in the Power Sector

About Genus Power Infrastructures Limited: An ISO 9001 & 14001 certified company, Genus Power Infrastructures Limited is a key member of the US $400 million Kailash Group. The company operates through two dynamic business divisions, providing innovative and sustainable solutions to the power sector.

1. Metering Solution Division:

  • Offers a comprehensive range of Electricity Meters, including Multi-Functional Single Phase and Three Phase Meters, CT Operated Meters, ABT and grid Meters, DT Meters, Pre-Payment Meters, Smart Meters, Net Meters, AMI, MDAS, and more.

2. Engineering Construction and Contracts Division:

  • Undertakes turnkey power projects such as Substation erection up to 420kV, laying of transmission & distribution lines, Rural Electrification, Switchyard, Network Refurbishment, and more.

Key Features of Genus:

  • Avant-garde manufacturing facilities.
  • Complete forward and backward integration from plastic parts to final products.
  • Automated SMT lines and Lean Assembly techniques.
  • A team of highly qualified and experienced engineers.
  • Commitment to developing innovative and customized solutions at an affordable price.

Research and Development Excellence: Genus boasts a top-notch R&D Center, officially recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. This recognition has positioned the company as a leader in power infrastructure, staying at the forefront of new technology developments.

Fundamentals of Genus Power Infra Ltd

Genus Power Infra Ltd’s sales growth is 35.49% and promoter holding is 50%.

Financial Metrics Values
Market Cap ₹ 6,044.84 Cr.
Enterprise Value ₹ 6,255.21 Cr.
Number of Shares 25.78 Cr.
P/E (Price/Earnings) 111.13
P/B (Price/Book) 5.35
Face Value ₹ 1
Dividend Yield 0.32%
Book Value (TTM) ₹ 43.80
Cash ₹ 136.54 Cr.
Debt ₹ 346.92 Cr.
Promoter Holding 50.3%
EPS (TTM) ₹ 2.11
Sales Growth 18%
ROE (Return on Equity) 3.62%
ROCE (Return on Capital Employed) 6.14%
Profit Growth 35.49%

Genus Power Infra Share: Last 2 Years’ Financial Condition

Particulars Sep 2022 Dec 2022 Mar 2023 Jun 2023 Sep 2023
Net Sales 218.63 200.40 202.32 261.11 258.96
Total Expenditure 201.77 179.89 175.17 232.54 234.43
Operating Profit 16.85 20.51 27.15 28.57 24.53
Other Income 7.66 8.22 4.10 15.33 9.56
Interest 5.82 7.58 9.06 12.08 13.56
Depreciation 4.75 4.69 4.64 4.72 4.95
Exceptional Items 0 0 0 0 0
Profit Before Tax 13.95 16.46 17.55 27.10 15.58
Tax 3.74 4.81 5.08 7.85 4.55
Profit After Tax 10.21 11.65 12.47 19.25 11.02
Adjusted EPS (Rs) 0.40 0.45 0.48 0.75 0.43

Last 5 Years’ Net Profit:

2019 ₹72.37 Cr
2020 ₹93.67 Cr
2021 ₹51.16 Cr
2022 ₹25.82 Cr
2023 ₹34.98 Cr

Big Investors in Genus Power Infra

Ajay Upadhyaya‘s Total investment in Genus Power Infra is 140.70cr

What Is The Future Of Genus Power Infra Share?

The company maintains a robust liquidity position, evident from its current ratio of 2.12. Additionally, the company demonstrates effective cash flow management, as indicated by a CFO/PAT ratio of 1.47.

Genus Power Infra is an Engineering company and manufacturer of Industrial equipment.


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