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LazyPay Shop Now Pay Later is a convenient service that allows you to shop without immediate payment. Wondering what LazyPay Shop Now Pay Later is all about? Curious about the eligibility criteria, required documents, customer support, fees, and charges associated with it? Look no further! Here’s all you need to know about LazyPay Shop Now Pay Later.

Typically, acquiring a credit card requires proof of income, a document that not everyone possesses. Consequently, many individuals with good earnings find themselves unable to secure a credit card. If you’re in a similar situation, fret not! LazyPay Shop Now Pay Later provides a solution.

LazyPay offers a digital credit line akin to a credit card, allowing you to access funds when needed urgently. Notably, no income proof is required to avail of this service. Additionally, you enjoy an 18-day grace period for payment without incurring any interest charges.

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Having utilized LazyPay’s credit line for three years myself, I can attest to its convenience, particularly for making UPI payments. If you’re interested in obtaining a credit card without the hassle of income proof, take the time to thoroughly understand LazyPay Shop Now Pay Later before applying.



What is Lazypay Shop Now Pay Later | What is Lazypay Shop Now Pay Later

What exactly is Lazypay Shop Now Pay Later? Well, the name pretty much says it all – you can make your purchases now and settle the payment later. Essentially, it’s a Digital Credit Line loan, colloquially referred to as a credit card.

This service is offered by Payumoney, providing you with a credit line of up to Rs 1 lakh, depending on your eligibility. To access it, all you need to do is complete the KYC process through the Laypay app online.

Once you’ve made your purchases, you have a grace period of 15 days to repay the Lazypay Credit line, with an additional 3 days provided, making it a total of 18 days interest-free. If your bill is on the higher side, there’s an option to convert it into a 12-month EMI plan with a 30% interest rate.

Lazypay Shop Now Pay Later Benefits | Lazypay Shop Now Pay Later Benefits

Discover the Benefits of Lazypay Shop Now Pay Later:

  • Easily access Lazypay Credit Line from the comfort of your home, no income proof is required, just your phone.
  • Depending on eligibility, enjoy a credit limit ranging from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 1 lakh.
  • Say goodbye to annual fees, membership charges, and security deposits.
  • Obtain a Lazypay Credit Line loan regardless of your profession.
  • Access the credit line loan from anywhere in India.
  • Repay your Lazypay loan within 18 days without incurring any interest.
  • Conveniently utilize Lazypay Shop Now Pay Later through online UPI payments, both online and in local markets.
  • Benefit from abundant cashback offers and discounts.
  • Witness your limit gradually increase with timely payments.
  • Effortlessly settle your Lazypay bill along with interest within 12 months.
  • Even pay your Lazypay bill with a minimum amount; I’ve personally paid bills as low as Rs. 500 for a total of Rs. 10,000.
  • Send payments using UPI ID, with the recipient requiring a Business Payment account.
  • Enjoy purchasing products on No-cost EMI without any interest.
  • Explore the possibility of securing a personal loan with timely payments.
  • Keep track of your CIBIL score effortlessly.

Eligibility for Lazypay Shop Now Pay Later

Experience the convenience of Lazypay’s Shop Now Pay Later feature with seamless eligibility criteria:

  1. Enjoy the benefits if you’re aged between 21 and 55.
  2. Ensure you have a stable monthly income source.
  3. Be a proud Indian citizen to access Lazypay’s services.
  4. Link your mobile number with Aadhaar for hassle-free verification.
  5. Validate your income effortlessly with Internet banking and a savings account.
  6. Simply use your smartphone and internet connection to apply.

Lazypay strives to make your shopping experience smoother and more enjoyable. Apply today with ease!

Documents for Lazypay Shop Now Pay Later

  • PAN card
  • Aadhar card
  • Aadhaar OTP
  • To validate the income, you can use Internet banking or upload a bank statement in PDF format.
  • You can take instant photos from the Lazypay app

Interest & Fee for Lazypay Shop Now Pay Later

Experience transparent and user-friendly terms for Lazypay’s Shop Now Pay Later:

  1. Annual Fee: Enjoy the convenience without worrying about any annual subscription fees.
  2. Membership Fee: There are no membership fees whatsoever.
  3. Flexible Due Date: You have a comfortable window of 15 to 18 days for payment.
  4. Interest: Opt for EMI payments and incur a maximum annual interest of 30%.
  5. Late Payment Charges: Prompt payment ensures you avoid any late fees.
  6. GST: All charges attract a transparent 18% GST.

Lazypay ensures a hassle-free experience with clear terms, making your shopping journey delightful.

How to apply Lazypay Shop Now Pay Later

Here’s how to apply for Lazypay’s Shop Now Pay Later feature:

  1. Download the Lazypay app on your phone.
  2. Sign up using your mobile number.
  3. Upload your KYC documents along with basic information.
  4. Verify your income either through Internet banking or by uploading bank statements in PDF format.
  5. Upon eligibility, receive your credit limit promptly.
  6. Start using it both online and at local stores hassle-free.

How to use Lazypay Shop Now Pay Later | How to Use Lazypay Shop Now Pay Later

How to Make the Most of Lazypay’s Shop Now, Pay Later Feature

Online Usage: When shopping online with Lazypay, you’ve got two convenient options. Firstly, ensure you’re using the Lazypay Register mobile number to access Lazypay on partner apps. Alternatively, utilize your Lazypay app’s UPI ID. Remember to confirm each transaction through your Lazypay app for added security.

Offline Convenience: Even in your local market, Lazypay simplifies payments. Just use Lazypay’s Scan & Pay feature to make transactions seamlessly by scanning any UPI QR Code. Enjoy hassle-free payments wherever you shop.

How to convert Lazypay bill into EMI | How to Convert Lazypay Bill in EMI

Here are the steps to convert your Lazypay bill into EMI:

  1. Open the Lazypay app.
  2. Navigate to the Transaction tab and select the amount you wish to convert into EMI. Ensure that the amount is at least Rs. 3000.
  3. Choose the EMI option.
  4. Confirm the transaction via OTP.
  5. Your transaction is now converted into EMI. Once the bill is generated, the EMI amount will be added to your bill.

Lazypay Shop Now Pay Later Customer Care

  • Web – Lazypay. in
  • Email – wecare@lazypay.in
  • Customer Care – 022 67314111
  • Address – 5th Floor, The Quest, Technopolis Knowledge Park, Mahakali Caves Rd, Hanuman Nagar, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400093
  • App – Download from the Play Store or Ios store

Lazypay Shop Now Pay Later review

Hello everyone, today I’d like to share my experience with Lazypay Shop Now Pay Later, a service that allows you to obtain a Digital Credit Line without the need for income proof. I’ve been using the Lazypay app for quite some time now, and I must say, I haven’t encountered any issues so far.

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