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Paramount Cables Share: During the tumultuous stock market, Paramount Cables has emerged as a beacon of success, delivering an astounding 7000% return and a staggering 200% income within a year. Let’s delve into the details of this remarkable journey.

Market Performance Highlights

During the recent volatile trading period, Paramount Cables experienced a noteworthy surge of five percent, propelling its shares to Rs 82.50, reflecting a gain of Rs 3.90. The 52-week high stands at Rs 86.65, with a market cap of approximately Rs 2310 crore, while the 52-week low is Rs 26.80.

Over the past five days, investors witnessed a 10% return, and in the last month, a substantial 34% return from the low level of Rs 61.50. Paramount shares have delivered an impressive 150% return in the last six months, starting from Rs 34.45 on July 10.

About Paramount Cables

Paramount Cables share



Paramount Communications Ltd specializes in the manufacturing of wires and cables, including power cables, telecom cables, railway cables, and specialized cables.

In 1955, the late Mr. Shyam Sunder Aggarwal, founder chairman, initiated a small-scale cable manufacturing unit as a family venture. Building on its success, he established a new entity named Paramount Cable Corporation in 1978, focusing on supplying telecom cables to the Department of Telecommunications. Over the years, these modest beginnings evolved into Paramount Communications Limited, becoming a prominent and trusted player in the Indian cable manufacturing industry.

The company ventured into diversified manufacturing, introducing specialized cables in the early 1980s. In 1984, it achieved a significant milestone by being the first company to receive the National Entrepreneurship Award from the President of India, recognizing outstanding achievements in wire and cable manufacturing.

Paramount has consistently earned a place among the ‘Top 1000 Companies in India,’ as recognized in the annual listing compiled by Business Standard Magazine. Additional accolades include the IMM Marketing Gold Award and the AIIMO Visvesvaraya Entrepreneurship Award, among others.

In 1995, the company marked another milestone by issuing its first Initial Public Offering (IPO), subsequently securing listings on stock exchanges in Mumbai, Kolkata, and Delhi. Today, Paramount Communications Limited is publicly traded on both the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE).

Paramount Cables Fundamentals 2024

Metric Value
Market Cap ₹ 2,306.78 Cr.
Enterprise Value ₹ 2,434.50 Cr.
No. of Shares 27.96 Cr.
P/E 37.15
P/B 4.75
Face Value ₹ 2
Div. Yield 0%
Book Value (TTM) ₹ 17.38
Cash ₹ 30.18 Cr.
Debt ₹ 157.90 Cr.
Promoter Holding 62.69%
EPS (TTM) ₹ 2.22
Sales Growth 37.10%
ROE 21.15%
ROCE 13.25%
Profit Growth 482.16%

Paramount Cables Export Capability 2024

Paramount boasts a robust export presence, successfully fulfilling orders from esteemed international corporations and agencies across a diverse range of countries. Notable destinations include the UK, Spain, Russia, South Africa, UAE, Jordan, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Chile, Tanzania, Ghana, Kenya, Zambia, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Nigeria. Particularly noteworthy are the executed orders for significant projects catering to Oil and Power companies in Iraq and Oman.

A Year of Prosperity for Investors

Over the past year, Paramount Cables has been a wealth generator, starting from a low of Rs 27 on December 23, 2022, and providing investors with an incredible 200% return.

Astounding Long-Term Growth

Since hitting a low of ₹6 on March 13, 2020, Paramount shares have exhibited an extraordinary 1350% return, making it a standout performer in the market. Investors who believed in the company’s potential have witnessed their capital grow significantly.

Paramount Cables: Beyond Stocks

Paramount Cables is a diversified company engaged in EPC services, offering a wide range of products and services, including optical fiber cabling, OPGW offline/online, pipeline intrusion detection systems, submarine fiber, and optic systems. With expertise in construction, design, supply, engineering, installation, testing, and commissioning, the company caters to various projects.

Product Portfolio and Services

The company’s product portfolio includes power cables, telecom cables, control cables, domestic wires, and special cables, serving industries such as railways, fire survival, and thermocouple applications. With a legacy spanning 60 years, Paramount Cables is a trusted manufacturer of power cables, telecom cables, control cables, and more, contributing to significant infrastructure projects.

Steadfast Growth and Future Prospects

From a low of ₹1.25 on August 23, 2013, Paramount Cables has multiplied investors’ capital by over 70 times. Over the past five years, the company has rewarded investors with returns exceeding 500%, reaching Rs 82.50 from Rs 14 on August 24, 2018.

In conclusion, Paramount Cables stands out not only for its impressive stock performance but also for its diverse product offerings and steadfast growth, making it a compelling choice for investors seeking long-term success.

Paramount Cables Strength

The company has demonstrated a commendable profit growth of 21.94% over the past three years. The company’s PEG ratio is 0.08, indicating a favorable assessment in terms of its earnings growth. Additionally, the company maintains a robust liquidity position with a current ratio of 3.90, reflecting a healthy ability to meet its short-term obligations. Moreover, the company exhibits a significant degree of operating leverage, with an average operating leverage standing at 5.39, underscoring its operational efficiency.

Paramount Cables Negative

The company has exhibited modest revenue growth of 9.53% over the past three years. The tax rate is minimal, standing at 0%. Notably, there is a high level of promoter pledging at 26.52%.

Paramount Cables dividend history

Announcement Date: 02-07-2008

    • Ex-Date: 11-09-2008
    • Dividend Type: Final
    • Dividend (%): 20
    • Dividend (Rs): 0.40
    • Remarks: AGM

Announcement Date: 26-06-2007

    • Ex-Date: 11-09-2007
    • Dividend Type: Final
    • Dividend (%): 20
    • Dividend (Rs): 0.40

Announcement Date: 15-06-2006

    • Ex-Date: 24-07-2006
    • Dividend Type: Final
    • Dividend (%): 16
    • Dividend (Rs): 1.60
    • Remarks: AGM

Announcement Date: 03-06-2002

    • Ex-Date: 01-10-2002
    • Dividend Type: Final
    • Dividend (%): 12
    • Dividend (Rs): 0.00
    • Remarks: AGM (Revised)

Announcement Date: 30-05-2001

    • Ex-Date: 13-08-2001
    • Dividend Type: Final
    • Dividend (%): 16
    • Dividend (Rs): 0.00
    • Remarks: AGM

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