Wipro Shares Soar 13% to a One-Year High Despite Q3 Profit and Revenue Decline



NSE: WIPRO – Despite a decline in net profit and revenue for Wipro in Q3 of the current financial year, the company’s shares witnessed a remarkable 13% surge on January 15, reaching a new one-year high.

This unexpected market resilience is drawing attention as Wipro’s consolidated net profit dropped by 11.74% to Rs 2,694.2 crore, accompanied by a 4.4% decrease in revenue to Rs 22,205.1 crore.

Wipro Shares Soar 13% to a One-Year High Despite Q3 Profit and Revenue Decline

Strong Morning Trade Performance

Wipro shares opened at Rs 511.95 on BSE with a significant 10% gain on the morning of January 15, defying the decline in profit and revenue. The stock continued its upward trajectory, touching the upper price band and experiencing a 13% rise from the previous closing price, ultimately reaching a new 52-week high of Rs 526.45.



Metric Value
Open 511.95
High 529.00
Low 489.15
Market Cap 2.60 LCr
P/E Ratio 23.37
Dividend Yield 0.20%
52-week High 529.00
52-week Low 352.00

Revised Upper Price Band Reflects Investor Confidence

In response to this bullish trend, the upper price band for Wipro shares has been adjusted to Rs 535.25, showcasing a 15% increase in strength. This suggests a heightened level of investor confidence despite the challenges faced by the company in Q3.

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Analysts Optimistic About Wipro’s Future Growth

Wipro’s Q3 results mark the fourth consecutive quarter of annual profit decline, but analysts from Motilal Oswal view the company’s performance positively. They highlight Wipro management’s comments on securing more deals in the consulting vertical, indicating a potential reduction in the segment’s drag and an overall improvement in the company’s growth trajectory.

Mega Deals and Revenue Expectations

Wipro’s success in securing mega deals worth $0.9 billion in the quarter ending December 2023 has bolstered optimism among analysts. The total deals achieved during this period amounted to an impressive $3.8 billion, providing a strong foundation for future revenue growth.

Consulting Sector Resurgence

IDBI Capital notes early signs of growth in Wipro’s consulting sector and anticipates a revenue boost from the order book, valued at $3.8 billion. As a result, analysts now project an improvement in revenue growth from FY24 to FY26.

Brokerage Ratings and Target Prices

While Motilal Oswal maintains a positive outlook, setting the target price at an undisclosed value, Nuvama remains cautiously optimistic with a ‘hold’ call and a target price of Rs 460. IDBI Capital takes a neutral stance, providing a target price of Rs 520 per share. This diverse expert opinion reflects the nuanced outlook on Wipro’s future performance in the market.

Wipro Share Fundamental analytics

Metric Value
Market Cap ₹ 2,59,783.41 Cr.
Enterprise Value ₹ 2,60,437.11 Cr.
Number of Shares 522.44 Cr.
P/E Ratio 27.85
P/B Ratio 4.85
Face Value ₹ 2
Dividend Yield 0.21%
Book Value (TTM) ₹ 102.48
Cash ₹ 4,527 Cr.
Debt ₹ 5,180.70 Cr.
Promoter Holding 72.93%
EPS (TTM) ₹ 17.85
Sales Growth 13.73%
ROE 15.82%
ROCE 19.85%
Profit Growth -24.38%



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